Andrew Kindt knew early on that his life would be one of action, sports, and physical fitness. Athletics came easy to him and he lettered in four sports in high school, subsequently playing baseball for the State University of New York ay New Paltz. Following an obvious aptitude, Andrew entered the fitness industry after college with eyes toward a career. Absorbing all he could from the biggest commercial franchise operations such as Gold’s Gym, World gym and the New York Sports Clubs gave Andrew a solid base from which he could learn the business of fitness. But that wasn’t enough. He saw beyond the equipment and the impersonal factory like atmosphere of these bulky operations. He envisioned a manageably sized highly personalized fitness “laboratory” offering cutting edge, scientifically sound training and rehabilitation services.


Now, happy, excited and fulfilled in the environment he and his three partners have created, Andrew spends his days creatively designing programs that are so specific to the individual client that they fit like a custom made suit. The result of this competence and hard work is a long list of current clients most of whom come back again and again to have Andrew guide them to new levels of fitness. Levels they thought they’d never achieve. A big secret to these impressive results is Andrew’s (and all the other Achieve trainers) method of muscle “confusion,” an ever changing sequence of exercises designed to keep the muscles “guessing,” never allowing repetitive exercise to limit the strength or range of motion of any given muscle group. This training method has found favor with elite trainers worldwide. Speed, a

gility, endurance, balance, flexibility, cardio, and strength are all included in one of Andrew 1 hour sessions. If you are ready for the ride of your life, one that can make your life all it can be, as they say – “Just do it !”


EDUCATION:    BS Organismal Biology - SUNY New Paltz

CERTIFICATIONS:   National Fitness Trainers AssociationAmerican Council on Exercise


Andrew kindt
Partner, Personal Trainer