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Ashley Kindt

Partner, Personal Trainer



As an Idaho native, I never pictured myself living on the east coast. I graduated from the University of Idaho in 1999 with a bachelor of science degree in Sport Science with an emphasis in fitness, wellness, and rehabilitation. After graduating, I did my internship in Cardiac Rehab at a VA hospital in Boise. For income I also took a job at a gymnastics center coaching tots in the basics of movement and gymnastics. It didn’t take long to realize that helping ALL ages through exercise was my passion. I headed to Staten Island, NY for an NASM personal training certification and immediately started working with clients in Boise.


In 2001, I headed back to the east coast to expand my horizons and visit family in Norwalk. This exciting adventure turned into a major life change. I walked into the local NYSC in the fall of 2001 and was interviewed by a man I now call my husband!! It became clear right away that my passion for personal training and my love for Andrew would keep me in Fairfield County. As I built my clientele and adjusted to life in Norwalk, by 2007 I was also enjoying the role of wife and mother.


Andrew and I both knew we wanted more out of our talents for personal training, so after convincing my parents and brother to drive out here from Idaho, they helped us build our dream fitness facility! Although my parents wonder to this day how my “vacation to NYC” turned into a permanent distance from home... they have been an amazing support system in this process of growing Achieve and we couldn’t have built it without them. I feel so blessed to now have a business where I am surrounded by amazing people everyday, and 2 wonderfully motivated and talented partners, Andrew and John. And I can’t forget a huge shout out to my amazing kids, Ava and Gavin, who complete this story in a way I never thought imaginable.


With a lifelong background in several sports, dance, and gymnastics, I enjoy all angles of personal training. However, I find my specialty to be in post rehab core strengthening and stability. I can honestly say, I do what I love... and I LOVE what I do!!

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