Jillian Curley Scheuler



Jillian found her love of fitness while  running track and field as a child and teenager.  After graduating from Norwich University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training, she began a career with The Edge Fitness Clubs where she was a master plus personal trainer for 8 years.  In 2012 she opened her own personal training business, which she maintained full time until she took a position as Director with the National Personal Training Institute in 2016.  


Jillian is now the proud owner of NPTI New England.  She infuses the education at NPTI New England with her knowledge of sports medicine and experience with her vast history of clientele, as well as her deep seeded passion for helping others achieve their dreams.  Apart from the traditional aspects of the curriculum, Jillian ensures that each student receives the most appropriate individualized education, guidance and selected direction.  Her favorite part of teaching is helping aspiring personal trainers discover who they want to be as a fitness professional, and watching their growth during her time with them.

It is Jillian's hope that NPTI New England become a haven for those desiring a great life change.  She welcomes all abilities and levels into the NPTI family, and hopes that the first step a student takes through the door is the first step into a new and fulfilling life.  Jillian is looking forward to the continued growth of NPTI New England, with new and exciting course offerings coming in the very near future.

Jillian specializes in orthopedic injury care and prevention, athletic training, mobility and movement.