John Brace

Partner, Personal Trainer

John has nearly 25 years experience as a licensed trainer certified with both the Aerobics Fitness Association of America and the American Council on Exercise. A natural born athlete, John has innovated a transformational training program predicated on the philosophy that everyone has an inner athlete waiting to emerge. John’s focus on core training, aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular interval training and strength training coupled with his keen understanding of nutrition, provide the optimal regimen for clients seeking swift and lasting results. John’s unique customized approach will bring out the Athlete Within.


John’s philosophy is predicated on the notion that safely trained athletes who focus on agility and performance live happier and healthier lives while enjoying more youthful and fit bodies. John’s comprehensive approach defines the fitness, lifestyle and aesthetic goals of each client. Once the goals have been defined John develops and initiates customized athletic programs that enable the client to realize their potential.


Core Training: John takes a 21st century approach to his functional core training programs. His state of the art equipment, current educational credentials and practical approach are all based on the philosophy that a strong core is the foundation of a fit, lean and agile body.


Anaerobic/ Plyometric Training: John believes athletes can turn back the clock by incorporating the explosive yet incremental mechanics and anaerobic principles of plyometric training programs. His custom designed intervals burn fat, increase cardiovascular health and bolster overall athletic endurance.


Strength Training: John designs customized strength-training programs based on the principles of functional kinetics, balance and coordination and overall athletic prowess. His use of state of the art weight training equipment coupled with programs designed to utilize body weight, generate strong performance and a sculpted musculature.


Balance Training: Balance is an integral component of any athletic activity. John believes that a concerted focus on a core oriented balance-training program is essential for a youthful and agile body. As we age our sense of balance deteriorates eroding our flexibility and core strength. John works on turning back the hands of time with his integrated balance-training programs.


Flexibility: John ends each training session with a hands-on static and PNF stretching program designed to mitigate injury and increase overall flexibility.