John Didio


After 13 years as a trainer, and approximately 35,000 training sessions, John's passion for fitness gives him unflagging energy for helping clients achieve their fitness goals through exercise and nutrition.John shows clients the safest, most efficient path to long term success: "I believe 100% you can obtain any goal with proper planning, balance and instruction. It all comes down to one thing — commitment. I am fully committed to my clients and if they are fully committed in return, it's astounding what we can achieve."


John has attended hundreds of hours of seminars and continuing education. He has incorporated many different styles, techniques, equipment, and aids in his training practice.




Certified Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine

Resistance Training Specialist Level 1

Resistance Training Specialist Level 2

Certified Titleist Performance Institute Instructor

Certified Renegade Trainer

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Apex NutritionAmerican Heart Association

CPR certified