Self Defense Instruction

with Rich Molyneux

Rich has been trained in 15 different martial art styles, including the training from a retired Navy Seal.  Rich received his black belt is NASM Certified.



Come learn simple, easy and effective self-defense techniques from our own expert trained in 15 different martial art styles…


No martial arts experience necessary!












Why Are We Offering This?

In light of recent events, Achieve Fitness is now offering self-defense classes to the public, to empower our communities.

We believe that everyone should have basic and effective knowledge on how to defend themselves against an attacker, bully or any other act of physical aggression.


We welcome people from all walks of life, genders, and martial arts skill levels to come participate, make new friends and help us build community.  You will learn how to have a maximum effect with minimum effort.  Rich believes in teaching people how to be calm, and have composure in any given situation. 


Monday, Wednesday  6:00pm

Cost:  $50.00 per month unlimited


Mother and Daughter Special!  

Sign up together and the total is $75.00 per month


Small Private Group Classes

Available Upon Request

($15.00 per person group - limit 6 per class)