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Tom Romano

Co-Owner/Personal Trainer

Tom worked in corporate fitness for Verizon Wireless as well as New York Sports Club. He came to work in Connecticut in 2003 for The Fitness & Tennis Club. After learning as much as he could in this setting, Tom decided to branch out and form his own personal training business. He has been personal training for eleven years, and in business for himself for seven.

Tom works with a variety of different clientele including men and women, teenage athletes, and older adults. Personal Training sessions are either one on one or can be in a group setting of two or more. Each workout is individually tailored to the client based on their goals, fitness levels, and abilities. Whether your goal is to decrease body fat, gain strength, improve overall health, as well as athletic needs such as increasing speed, agility, balance, power and injury prevention, Tom will help you reach your goals. The result is a relationship with his clients beyond the gym who continue to come back year after year reaching new levels of health, fitness, and wellness that they never thought possible.

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