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Testimonials: Testimonials

I started training at Achieve when I realized that I wanted help in getting stronger and more fit.   In my late 40s with a wife, three children, an old shoulder injury, and limited time and energy, my opening request was direct, “Help me get stronger and keep me away from the hospital!”   That was more than 6 years ago and Achieve has done that and more.  Achieve’s trainers have a great knowledge of physiology, tremendous enthusiasm for their clients’ development, and none of the “bro” mentality that I honestly expected when I started this journey.  Since then, everyone in our family has spent considerable time at Achieve - and with a variety of trainers and physical therapists – and we are all thrilled about our collective and individual results.

Matthew Byers (And Family)

Achieve Fitness has been great for our entire family! In 2017, my husband started working out with Tom once a week. It started as a way for him to have a regimented workout routine. Tom and my husband were a great match in how they approach total body fitness, strength-building, and weight-lifting. Then in 2018, I wanted to join Achieve but was looking for a very different type of trainer --- one that played to my strengths and fitness interests (yoga, swimming, etc.) I started working out with Andrew, and for the last 4 years, my sessions have been ANYTHING but routine! I couldn’t be happier! Now, combined our family is at Achieve for 6 sessions per week! It is part of our life, and our kids see how important it is to take care of our bodies and train with a staff of professionals. We are so lucky we found Achieve!

Carrie Maiya

I've been training at Achieve Fitness since January of 2008.  At my last cardio check up, my Dr. said, "whatever you're doing, keep doing it!" My name is Dick Delbello and I'm 72 years old.  I found Achieve because of a shoulder issue I was having and ultimately my rotator cuff needed to be repaired.  After my surgery, I did my rehab with the physical Therapy group that is part of Achieve.  Following my recovery, I began to workout with one of the trainers at Achieve in order to build upon the work that I had been doing within physical therapy.    

What I love most about Achieve is that it is a small personal gym with an extraordinary professional staff and excellent equipment. When things are going well, my workouts keep me fit, literally never repeating the exact same routine.  They make sure to focus on my goals incorporating muscular strength, cardio vascular, as well as core and functional training.  If my shoulder or anything else bothers me,  they always finds a way to work around the issue without irritating it more. if needed, I'll check in with my physical therapist who will let my trainer know further what he can do to help and what to avoid. The results are really terrific.


 I will continue to workout at Achieve as long as I live and highly recommend them to anyone.

Dick Delbello

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