ACHIEVE Fitness is an all-inclusive facility designed as the brain (and body) child of expert


personal trainers, John Brace, Andrew Kindt, Topher Tornow and Tom Romano.

Achieve wall inside 1.jpg



Large, bright 8500 sq.ft. day-lit space over

two floors


Full locker room facilities and showers with included plush towels, shampoos and conditioners


Staff of more than 30 highly educated, experienced trainers, massage therapists


Full life-fitness strength circuit, life-fitness cardio circuit and multiple dumbbell sets 2.5lbs. through 100lbs


Home to the National Personal Training Institute of New England

Professional boxing ring


Satellite radio throughout with meditative relaxation music in the abs and stretching area


20 yard indoor turf lane for running, agility ladder work and our “signature” drive-sled workout


Towels are available throughout the facility for your ease and convenience

Definition: ACHIEVE
v. verb
To perform or carry out with success; accomplish.